Premium Websites
for Small Businesses

What if you could get
an entirely custom made website
with fast and personal support
that you can actually trust -
at a price that is affordable for a small business?

Well, guess what -

Oxnox exists for this specific purpose

Get a free website review

Here's how

We are gonna help your business grow

Free website review and consultation

First we analyze your current site, then we can talk about all the things we can do to make it more effective

An offer that's hard to resist

We price our services with small business budgets in mind - expect flexible, project based pricing, only pay for what you actually need.

Fully custom made website

Tailored to your specific needs every step of the way.
No cookie cutter templates, no generic look -
everything will be unique, just like your business.

Designed for conversion from top to bottom

Your website is a tool to make you money.
We make sure it gets the job done.

Extreme attention to detail all the way

Clean, modern visual design combined with reliable code
based on the most up-to-date web technologies.
Looking great and loading fast on every device.

VIP level support for every client

Lightning fast response times, truly personal, friendly
and effective communication, both during and after the project.
Just ask any of our clients!

Here's why

Our clients are happy with us

Danielle Drake

Danielle Drake

I have been very impressed with Tamas's friendliness and responsiveness. Working with someone from overseas can sometimes be difficult but Tamas has overcome my fears by overdelivering and going way beyond my expectations. When you are developing a website whether it's the first time or 100th time you have to expect problems. Its part of the process. However,Tamas is always there with a solution and his fast response time to all my emails has put me at ease. You can't buy peace of mind but he certainly has created that has part of his value proposition. We are working on more websites together!
Miguel Blanco

Miguel Blanco

Tamas and I have worked together in several projects -he also came highly recommended by a college of mine. The result has always been a well rounded working deliverable. Tamas genuinely wants to have a thorough understanding of the project to find the best possible solution for any given requirement. He is the kind of professional you wish you had on every team. Incredibly reliable and consistent, he immediately takes ownership of a project and turns around beautiful pixel perfect designs. He is a great team member, he asks the right questions, and is great with clients. Most importantly his work has personality and life — if I could work with him on every project I would.

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Get a FREE website review

  • Our expert will manually analyze your current website to find suboptimal spots

  • You will find out how your website is performing, and what could be improved

  • Learn exactly how and why it could make or save you more money

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